Monday, January 18, 2010

Up late... might as well enter some giveaways!!!!

I love browsing Etsy Giveaways when I can't sleep. So many awesome items being given away with little to no effort to enter.

Here's a few of the awesome blog giveaways I entered this evening.....

Mommy B Knows Best:
Yum Yum Pendant

2 Little Muffins:
Crochet Goodie

Paper In Style Treasury:
Personalized Stationery

Shop ByHand:
Kara & Brooke Designs Handmade pink earrings

Jenny Bunny Creations earrings

Vieira Girl:
8x10 print

Bagatelles & Co:
Spring Garden Gigi Purse

Did I mention that the wind is blowing at gusts of up to 40mph right now???? Kinda creepy too. Can't sleep, it's windy, I'm waiting for the power to flicker on and off.... already lost the internet once. maybe those are signs I should go to bed! After all, if the power does go out, it won't matter since I'm off tomorrow for MLK Day. :~)

Monday, January 04, 2010

We all scream for ice cream.

Today's post is dedicated to my good friend, Ice Cream! As I stood in front of the freezer section of Safeway this evening, staring ice cream I said to myself, " There are just too many to choose from!". Do I want mint chocolate chip, or maybe rocky road, oooo this coconut pineapple kind looks good! So many yummy choices! I try to get something different everytime, so I can have the chance to enjoy a little bit of everything. But then there are those times, when I just want my standby friend Vanilla. Today I chose the creamy version of Choc Chip Cookie Dough, while my hubby chose the Black and White. He's a plain kinda guy. I on the other hand, love to find ice cream with as many different things packed into one quart as possible!

So, ..... what's your favorite ice cream flavor? what flavor do you stay away from? if you could invent your own flavor, what would it be?