Sunday, August 23, 2009

The newest addition

I write this blog, as I listen to Sawyer bark at Drea (who is hiding in the closet) to come out. He wants to play and she wants nothing to do with him. She barks back in anger and he puts a large amount of distance betweent them! ha ha Now he's deciding to carry a leather belt around like it's a chew toy. Sawyer is fitting in quite nicely. He tollerates the cats, tries to engage in play with Drea and loves to sleep!!!! His favorite spots are underneath the coffee table and under the dining room table. I even found him sleeping in his crate today. I'm go glad he's adjusting well to his crate. He's only had a few accidents in the house and so far knows to go potty outside when Drea goes and he gets treats. He's a good eater, even though he's eating Drea's food. He knows where everything is and occassionally will grab a toy and carry it around the house. He did discover a dried up, severed snake in the front yard that he thought would make a good chew treat. YUCK!!!!!! We think that Sawyer is going to be a fitting name for him. He's already 10 lbs at 8 wks old. I know he's gonna be a big boy!!!! Drea better like the smaller size while it lasts because soon he's gonna be a horse compared to her! :)

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