Saturday, July 24, 2010


I'm not sure exactly how hot it go to be today in good 'ol rainy Oregon, but I'm going to guess that it hit at least 95! For an area that sees more rainbows than heat waves, this sure has been an adjustment for my household!

Fortunately, my house has air conditioning which was humming away hardcore today, just to keep the house at a steady 75. My poor cats were sprawled out across any cold tile they could find and would frequently move when their spot got too warm. Drea, my pup wanting nothing more than to lay outside in the dead grass and sunbathe. To me, she looked dead. To her, she's just basking in the wonderful rays of the sun. It's quite a sight to see! :)

Given that you couldn't be outside for more than 20 minutes without needing a cold shower, I decided to work on some new items for the shop. I was able to complete 3 sets of fabric button magnets and look forward to branching out into more fabric items. I love all of the infinite possibilities of colors and patterns!

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