Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The day from hell!

Let me prefice this blog with a few events from last week...... tires on the SUV were shot. Had to replace all 4. Bill: $816 at Les Schwab. Brake light on the car has been out since July 2007 and slowly more things are falling apart. Car finally dies on my husband and he calls me screaming that we need to fix the car. I agree, as I've already been pulled over for a broken tail light and received a warning. Take the car to the shop on Friday, they have to custom order parts.... said bring it back on Monday morning sometime.

It all started on a dreary Monday morning. My body fought me to get out of bed and start the work week and my brain wouldn't turn on as fast as I needed it to. I'm getting ready for work and my cell phone rings, it's my husband who's already been at work for about an hour. He starts telling me about his vacation time and whatnot and I tell him that I need to get going, because I have to take the car into the mechanic in 15 minutes. All I remember hearing was something along the lines of "oh crap" which I knew immediately meant that he took the wrong car to work and my morning was about to get a whole lot worse. I panic, hang up the phone and rush to get ready even faster. My poor ride was probably waiting for me at the mechanic to give me a lift to work, by the time I get over to my husband's office and switch vehicles. I hurry to the mechanic and find out that no only did my husand take the wrong car, but he also only took one set of keys. So I have to figure out how I'm going to get back to the mechanic to pick up the car once it's ready, get to my husband so he can drive the other car and get home. All works out and I find a ride to his office, take the car together to the shop and on the way, I realize that he probably isn't carrying the right credit card to pay the bill. Sure enough, no card. I start thinking.... we have two options.... turn around and go all the way home, clear across town, and turn around and come back or pay with what cards are on hand. All of which are practically maxed out as we're broke until payday. Get to the mechanic, figure out which credit cards to pay on and leave with the fixed car. All lights work, we're good to go, feels like a whole new car!

Monday also meant that the accountant at work was in the office and I knew I had been putting off filling out a new direct deposit form, to get this free $100 from WaMu during some promotion they had. I find the form, realize that I can't find the account info because it's all in my husband's name and try frantically to log onto his online banking to get the number. No luck. Since WaMu is switching to Chase, all log ins had to be changed and he of course forgot his new one. He calls the bank, they won't release info over the phone to him. I tell him that we have to swing by the bank before 4:00 to get the info and arrange to have a co worker submit the form for me. I arrive at work on Tuesday morning to find a message in my inbox that the accountant forgot to enter my new information and the deposit wouldn't go through until next payday. UGH. All that rushing around, franticness for nothing.

Many more things happened between Monday and today, but most of them I cannot disclose for confidentiality reasons, or the fact that dinner is getting cold and my fingers are numb from being next to the freezing window.

Feel stressed?????? You have no idea!!!!!!!

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