Thursday, October 15, 2009

My first official product review and more!

Elaine, of Honey Pie Accessories and I are both on and we initiated a swap of our creative talents. She'd make a tutu for Hayden and I'd send her pup some treats. Well, here's a picture of the absolutely fantastic tutu that Elaine made for me!!!!

I sent her a variety of K9KreationsbyKara treats and she wrote a blog post about 'em..... check it out here!!!! She did a review of the product and even posted appreciation pics of her doggie Bailey enjoying some of Drea's Pumpkin Pie Spice Drops! :)

It's so great to see happy customers, happy puppies and happy swaps!

The day I had today, was lets just say.... forgettable!! Or, maybe it was unforgettable but I wish I could forget it haha. Had a nice drive up to Wilsonville for day 2 of my HR certification training. That was great. Had an hour lunch break, decided to seek out some yummy food. Rolled upon a Taco Del Mar (which I love) and decided to eat there. Was chatting away on my cell with my assistant at work (checking in making sure the place hadn't gone to hell in a hand basket) and hopped out of the car to get some grub and the instant I turned around I knew it was an awful awful thing. I'd left my keys in the ignition and locked the doors. So, without too much panic, I call Geico to get some roadside assistance out to my location.......... tow company takes forever, and can't seem to get into my car. I guess those Dodge Caliber's were made pretty anti-theft like. The dude finally gets my door unlocked and sends me on my way.... meanwhile I'm already 5 minutes late back to my conference. Rest of the day goes well.

On my way home, I stop at the Outlet Mall to see if I can find anything I think I need, no luck. I take an alternate route home and see a distressed young man on the side of the road and figure he must have a flat or something. As I pass the car, I notice that he didn't have a flat.... he'd hit a dog, a tan pit bull. The animal lover in me automatically pulls over, pulls a u-turn and heads back. During that time, the car had driven away and a woman was running across the street to meet one of the car occupants, to attend to the dog with a blanket. I ask her if she needs help and she said no. Then I ask her if it was a stray dog and she responds, "no. it's my dog" and I could see the tears in her eyes. My heart sank. I felt soooo bad that she'd had to lose her dog, especially in those circumstances. I informed her that if she wanted to take the dog to the local shelter, they'd help her out with the hard part. She thanked me and I drove away, wondering if my dogs were home and safe.

It was a sad ending to the day, but on a positive note, I was able to come home and snuggle my dogs and enjoy their presence.


Steffi said...

If what I was reading meant that the man beat her dog to death, I really have to cry. :(

Kara said...

No no no, hit, as in with his car.

Elaine said...

thanks :) I just go the dress in the mail- it will go out next week!