Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Product Review of the Week

I figured my first product review ought to be dog related... it only seemed right. So, I'd like introduce you to Poochy Couture! I searched all over Etsy for the perfect dog id tag for Sawyer before we adopted him and brought him home. I knew I'd need something durable, long lasting and cute. I always have an issue with pet tags.. they're cheap, they don't last long and the writing rubs off or gets scratched off from other tags clanking against it. I've tried the tag silencers, which really don't help, they just block out some of the jingle jangle sound. Puppies are destructive so I needed a puppy-proof tag!!!

I ran across Poochy Couture and my modern style drove me straight to the Nickel Cutesy Pet Id Washer.

This tag is not only industrial strength (hey, it's made from a nickel washer) but it's practical! The tag is hand stamped, which means it's one of a kind. Once stamped, enamel is colorized for a pop of color. This adds a lil something extra! :)

I was so pleased with the tag that I received for Sawyer, that I ordered another one for Drea. These tags hold up to water, dirt, slobber, rough housing, chewing..... you name it! They even come with a cute little charm on the hook. For only $7 plus s/h you can get one for your pooch. Nickel washer tag not for you???? Well Poochy Couture has a lot of other tags to choose from!!!!

One tip that I learned while working at the humane society..... you shouldn't put your dog's name on their tag, because it makes it that much easier for a stranger to get to know your dog and potentially keep him/her (especially if they're super cute and super friendly). You wouldn't want a stranger knowing your child's name and coaxing them into going somewhere with them, why would you put your dog in that situation?????? Hmmmmm got ya thinking, didn't I!!!! Address and phone number are best. It gives 2 ways for you to be contacted and have your dog returned to you. ID tags are not just for fashion you know... they serve a very important purpose and if you've ever had the unfortunate experience of losing your pup or having them run away on you, you certainly know how important it is to have proper ID on your pet!

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Steffi said...

Great ID Tag! And thanks so much for pointing out that it's not a good idea to put the name on it. :) Never really thought about that. The dog tag we got, is from the humane society. Nothing WOW, but functional. :)