Thursday, August 12, 2010

♪ to my heart

I have to have my iPod or on when I create things for my shop. I don't do well in silence! This week, my stations or play lists of choice has been a mix of acoustic vocals of Marie Digby, smooth R&B sounds of Trey Songz and some motivational Chick Rock by Lesley Roy.

I have a very wide variety of music that I find enjoyable. Well, mostly everything except maybe headbanging rock or twangy Country Western. I tell my husband all the time to turn off his music because it either gives me a headache or is music to slit your wrists to! Something about men being able to tolerate something that I'd hardly call MUSIC, I don't really understand. I suppose he feels the same way about my bubble gum Pop. :) Thankfully, there are a few artists that we can both enjoy on long car rides, or blaring through the house while I'm cleaning and he's playing on the computer..... Coldplay, Linkin Park, Drake.

Here's my video of the week....

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