Saturday, November 07, 2009

Izzy's Friends

I'm sooooo glad that today's post is dedicated to my good friend Rheanna who just opened her first Etsy shop!!!! Please check out Izzy's Friends ! Rheanna makes the cutest collection of Bit of Whimsy dolls, animals and stuffies. Rheanna is the mother of a 18 month old beautiful little girl, Isabella. The inspiration for the shop and Rheanna's desire to create beautiful dolls.

An interview with Izzy's Friends mastermind, Rheanna Magee.

Kara: How did you come up with the name for the shop?

Rheanna: From watching Izzy play with her "friends".

Kara: What made you decide to open an etsy shop?

Rheanna: I enjoy watching Izzy play with her friends I have made her. After seeing pictures and hearing stories of other happy kids and their friends, I thought I could open a shop to reach more people. My goal is to offer adorable hand made items at prices everyone could afford.

Kara: Which of the Bit of Whimsy patterns are your favorite to make and why?

Rheanna: I think my favorite so far has been the bumble bee. It has many different parts to it and the wings are super cute!

Kara: Besides making friends for Izzy (and now many others) what are your other hobbies as a Mom?

Rheanna: I have rekindled my love of sewing and I am working on dresses and creating my own doll and plushy designs. I also enjoy reading, playing with Izzy and watching her grow.

Kara: Have you ever had any "oops" moments while trying to create something for Izzy?

Rheanna: Oh, yes! When I first started out, I had a terrible time getting ears and arms straight and even. One of Izzy's monkeys is completely lopsided!

Featured above:
1. Sleeping Owl
2. Bumble Bee
3. Lamb
4. Girly doll and Monkey

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heather said...

great interview!!! i too love her friend she made for my daughter! thanks for stopping by my giveaway! i've seen you around at swapmamas also!