Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey coma!

I hope everyone had a super fantastic Thanksgiving, filled with lots of calories, family, friends and love :)

For the first time, my husband and I stayed home and did our own thing. We bought a turkey fryer and tested it out.... I must say, for someone who hates fried food, it was pretty good!!!!! I just didn't eat the skin :)

Today's Black Friday deals seemed to have a lot of people out standing in lines at 4am to snag a good buy. Me, well I stayed online last night on Amazon and stalked their awesome Black Friday deals. I scored a 14 piece Pyrex bowl set with lids for only $12.88! I only bought it because it happened to be one of the items on my Christmas list this year!!! Lucky me!

For being a loyal Twitter follower, I also won a $100 giftcard to the Woodburn Company Stores (local outlet mall) and went and bought lots of things from PetSense with it! My critters will for sure have a stellar Christmas! I got lots of treats (mostly healthy), some dog food, and a lot of little toys for the cats. Sawyer seems to make most of their toys disappear! lol

Now, whatever will I do with the remaining 2 days off I have :) Housecleaning? Christmas decorating? I'll take both! I can't wait to get the lights and yard decorations up. I'm feeling Christmas already!!!!!!

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