Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paco + Lupe

Paco + Lupe is a Canadian based handmade biz that's creative designs are 100% original and handmade. Paco + Lupe uses mostly biodegradable materials without sacrificing quality, durability and style. They have to contribute even just a little to make our world a little less sick.

I was fortunate enough to win a Paco + Lupe bag in a blog giveaway this summer. I must say, the bag I won is one of the most durable, fashionable and versatile handbags I've ever owned. Below, you'll see see the Fields of Joy bag I was lucky enough to receive!

Fields of Joy- $88 (on sale)

Other beautiful bags that have caught my eye are:

But Paco + Lupe doesn't make just handbags, but also pillows and quilts too!!!!
You all know that you could use a great new bag for the Holidays, so why not venture over to Paco + Lupe's online store and get yourself something nice to put under the tree!!!! :)

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